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You know all those amazing wedding photos you see with unique custom details, lush tablescapes with spectacular dishes? Those are what we in the biz call specialty rentals!! They absolutely add SO much personality to a wedding day and we wholeheartedly believe it is a valuable place to spend a portion of your budget. Guests at your wedding will remember stunning and personalized rentals.

Learn more about specialty rentals below from some of the very best companies in the DMV. Their knowledge is invaluable and their creative ideas will have you eager to jump into wedding décor planning.

Reach out to any of the companies below to help facilitate your wedding day rentals, we guarantee you will fall in love with what they have to offer you!

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Something Vintage Rentals

Website – https://www.somethingvintagerentals.com/

Instagram – @smthingvintage

Best Money Spent:

There are so many areas you can splurge on to set your wedding apart from the rest, but at Something Vintage, we’re big fans of a statement bar! We believe the beauty is in the details, and many of our bars are constructed from centuries-old, salvaged wood sourced throughout DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We also offer a variety of bold bars like our Blair and Genevieve circular bars that are total showstoppers. In addition to our circular options, we offer square bars in both black and natural finishes. Creating a gorgeous focal point with pieces like these makes a BIG statement and is sure to wow your guests! People also love having a spot to lounge, so you really can’t go wrong with upholstered furniture. At Something Vintage, we hunt down forgotten vintage furniture and beautify each piece by hand so they not only look picture-perfect for your event, but are also truly one-of-a-kind!

How to Elevate a Tablescape:

The story of Something Vintage actually begins with our china collection, so we love talking ways to elevate table settings with unique details! To really make a statement, we recommend investing in chargers and statement glassware. Chargers remain on the table all night long so they’re guaranteed to be in allllll the pics, plus they really help tie everything together! In addition to some fun rattan, wood, and knit chargers, we also have a constantly growing collection of ceramic charger plates in a ton of fun and unique colors. As of last year, we have our very own pottery studio in our warehouse in Temple Hills, and with the help of our resident potter, Cole, we are unveiling new collections left and right! We make our own custom glazes for each collection, and many are designed with hand-painted 22k gold rims that really help to elevate the overall look of the table setting.

Distinctive glassware is another easy way to step up your game! Years ago, Dawn fell in love with the gorgeous hues of vintage glassware while sourcing pieces for her very own wedding. Things snowballed from there, and several years and many rentals later, we now have a large collection of glassware that includes both vintage and handmade pieces! Whether you’re drawn to the unique colors of the vintage glassware, the clean lines of our more modern Sensa Collection, or the bold style of our iridescent beauties, these pieces are practically guaranteed to set your tablescape apart and have guests taking notice!

Ways to Make a Wedding Feel Unique Using Rentals:

Incorporating upholstered furniture into your wedding design is a great way to emphasize your color palette and to really set a vibe that guests will remember. Plus, it’s super practical! Guests always flock to the comfy seating, and setting up a lounge area is a great place for people to sit and mingle after dinner and during cocktail hour. We offer a variety of ready-made lounge packages, but we can also build custom-made packages, or swap pieces in one of our ready-made sets. We love making recommendations, so if you’re unsure of what to pair with what, just let us know if there is a specific vibe or color palette you have in mind, and we’d be more than happy to suggest a few favorites that are sure to stop your guests in their tracks!

The Rental Selection Process:

If you’re interested in renting from us or have any questions at all, feel free to reach out via our Contact Form online, or submit a Wishlist with all the pieces you’ve got your eye on. Within 24 business hours we will check the availability of the items you requested and email to give you all the deets! Because of the one-of-a-kind nature of our pretties, many book up over a year in advance. Crazy, we know! Proposals are good for 14 days and items are reserved on a first come, first served basis with a 50% nonrefundable deposit. You can also shoot an email to info@somethingvintagerentals.com or give us a call at (202) 596- 8445 with any questions. 

Additional Notes from Dawn:

Our brand is guided by the desire to make the world a more bright and happy place to live and every piece we design begins with this in mind. Since launching in 2012, we’ve been obsessed with curating a collection of trend-setting rental pieces that create fun, joy filled, and memorable events. We believe in sustainability— giving new life to old pieces  and creating opportunities for local makers to give events a bespoke touch. That’s why we build and craft much of our inventory in-house. We believe in the inherent beauty in handmade and vintage items, and we put our blood, sweat, and tears into each and every piece we design and create!

Pretty Little Wedding Co.

Website – http://prettylittleweddingco.com/

Instagram – @prettylittleweddingco

Best Money Spent:

I am a huge believer that a well-set table can go a long way to add to your reception decor. After all, this is the place that your guests are going to welcome you in as newlyweds, where they will witness your first dance, and your first meal together as a married couple. And by investing in your tablescape, you can eliminate a lot of the unnecessary reception decor that is often deemed necessary, as your guest tables make up 90% of your reception space. There are so many components that make up your guest tables, starting with the table and chairs. Investing in a quality linen or farm tables (or combination of the two) and great guest chairs set the stage for your overall reception. From there, how you dress the table can play a huge impact on the overall feel of the event. Whether it be with unique and bold place settings, or something more subtle, having the tables set in a way that reflects you will go along way to add to your wedding. Incorporating lush floral centerpieces and/or centerpiece decor such as candles, lanterns, etc can further add to your overall wedding day vision. So while I absolutely love a great cocktail space, or lounge area, I think that your tables, chairs and place settings make the biggest statement and impact in your wedding. 

How to Elevate a Tablescape:

Chargers are one of my favorite ways to elevate a tablescape. Especially when the tables aren’t set with plates, a charger is a great way to define the space of the place setting, as well as adding additional texture and dimension to the table. They can elevate and add to your overall “look” of the event, making a table more glamorous and refined, or more boho and relaxed depending on the charger that you select. I am also a huge fan of customized and personalized place cards on the table. By using “out-of-the box” items to create your place cards, you can create a unique look that will leave your guests talking! (it’s all about the little details!) Some of my favorites that we have created have been on oyster shells, sea glass, kitchen tile and pieces of leather! 

Ways to Make a Wedding Feel Unique Using Rentals:

This is something that I tell all of our couples planning a wedding, this wedding is 100% about you, so make it unique to you. If you are someone who loves color, bold patterns and have more of an eclectic vibe, you should incorporate that into your wedding (and a great place to do that is your place settings!) and not try to make your day fit the “typical mold” of what you think it should be. I like to get to know our couples style, what kind of decor they have in their home, how they dress, even how they email & talk so I can help them choose the rentals that will be best suited to them and be a reflection of who they are as a couple. We have such a wide variety of place setting rentals that can suit just about any style, from coastal & nautical, boho & natural, eclectic & bold to all-out glamorous, we can design a tablescape that will have your guests saying “wow – that is not only so beautiful, but so you” 

The Rental Selection Process:

This varies with all of our couples, so I’ll give you two different scenarios 🙂 Some couples are 100% certain on exactly which rental items they would like to rent. (You can find all of our inventory on our website: www.prettylittleweddingco.com) And in that case, you can submit an inquiry through our website or email me directly at missy@prettylittleweddingco.com and I can check availability of those rental items for you and send you a quote directly. From there, we’d work with you and your venue to schedule delivery, and come wedding day, our delivery team will drop off the rentals and pick them up afterwards. Super simple & easy! Other couples are still deciding on their vision/may not know exactly what they want or even need. For those couples, I recommend starting with a quick phone call to get a better understanding of what they are looking for, their overall vision for the day and what they need. From there, I always welcome an in-person visit to our showroom to see our rentals in person, and play with our place settings! There are so many different combinations that you can come up with, that doing this in person is always recommended! Plus it is really fun & a great way to get excited about your wedding decor! If we are also working on the florals for your event, we’ll create a customized (and complimentary) design proposal including recommended rentals and floral arrangements for your overall event (ceremony to reception). We’d then work together over the next few months/years to finalize details & plan for delivery and set up! We can basically be as involved or as hands-off as you need! Either way, we are here to help you have your best & most beautiful day ever! 

Additional Notes from Missy:

In addition to our rentals & floral design offerings we have created and curated a number of “pre-designed” tablescape collections in eight different color palettes/design styles. Each collection is priced per table and includes everything you’d need for your reception tables. And of course, they are all highly detailed and stylized! They all come with a farm table (in one of our four unique stains), seating for 6-10 guests, place settings for 6-10 guests, place cards, candles & candlestick holders, decor and lush floral centerpieces. These are a great option for couples planning themselves (one less thing to think about :)) as well as for those planning micro weddings, who want something special and magical for their guests. And we can absolutely customize any of these details too to make the collection unique to you! Our collections can be found on our website: http://prettylittleweddingco.com/collections-use-1. 

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