It is most likely the first time you are planning a wedding and all of the rumors are kind of true...

Wedding planning can be very time consuming

Wedding planning can be stressful

Working through the planning process with your partner, family and friends can cause strain and maybe even conflict

Weddings are expensive. How do you know how much to spend on which things? Or even how much to spend overall

How do you know which vendors to hire? Contracts... don’t even get us started

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone who did this professionally could guide you through the process?

That is where a wedding planner comes in. I know I can hear you already... a full planning wedding planner sounds ideal but it also sounds like it could break the bank... you are not incorrect - hiring a full planning wedding planner is a financial commitment and although we LOVE this planning experience for our SG clients it is not the right fit for every couple. Some couples want to be heavily involved and plan their whole wedding on their own but would love to have a guiding hand as they do it.

"Hiring Katie was proof that wedding planning does not have to be stressful, in fact it can and should be so much fun! Every detail big and small was executed flawlessly and there is not a problem her team can’t find a solution for. It doesn’t surprise me that she’s created a course giving away her secret wedding planning sauce because there’s not a thing she won’t do for her brides and the people she so lovingly serves."

- jenna

" I thought I had every detail I wanted ironed out and Katie opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities when we worked together. I would’ve loved to have had the course to see all possibilities in one place. Wedding planning is an overwhelming amount of information and details and having it all in one spot to go back through and reference would have been invaluable! I think this would make a great gift from a mother, future mother in law or group of bridesmaids as a bridal party gift."

- colleen

"Katie truly knows the ins and outs of wedding planning and can offer knowledgeable advice on every facet. She saved us time and money over the course of our planning period. Without her, I just don’t think it would have been possible to plan the wedding of our dreams in a budget friendly, low stress way! I would not hesitate to take this Master Class. Katie and her team will make the wedding planning process so much simpler than anyone else. The video lessons and modules will be easy to follow and will offer thoughtful advice on how to pick vendors, venues, and so much more. Katie will offer genuine and expert guidance that will make you feel more confidently than you would planning a wedding on your own. This Master Class is a must, and you will not regret enrolling in it."

- clara

All students of the WPM course will be added to a private Facebook community to be able to get to know one another and socialize with other couples that are in the same process of wedding planning. Plus this community provides direct access to the Social Graces team, read more about this prime access in the FAQ below.

The Wedding Planning Masterclass Community

We can’t wait to be alongside you one your wedding planning journey!

Purchase the course in full for $599

We want to make sure that every couple can join in our course, we have created a payment plan option to make this a possibility. Four payments of $160.

Payment plans starting at $160

frequently asked questions

How do I receive access to the course?

When you purchase the course through you will directly receive login and access information to the course so that you can start right away!

Are there any physical materials required or is it all online?

The course content is entirely online but with your purchase you will receive a physical workbook that you can write in throughout the course. This workbook will be mailed to you the next business day following your purchase of the course. We also would recommend all the fun office supplies - colored pens, post-its, stickers etc.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You will have access to the course for two years, which is typically plenty of time for our clients to plan their weddings. If this is a specific concern for you and your wedding planning timeline please let us know directly.

Is it worth the investment?

This course will be a minor investment in your overall wedding budget and we promise that it will pay back its cost in dividends, creating the ability for you to plan a wedding knowledgably and as stress free as possible!

What if I have a question that is not answered during the course material?

This might be the most valuable asset of the course purchase!! If you have a question or there is something that you are looking for more details on all you have to do is jump into the private Facebook community live chat that happens twice monthly and get your question directly answered by Katie (our lead planner and owner) No question will go unanswered!!

Can I give this course as a gift?

Absolutely, when you purchase you can submit the contact information of the person you are purchasing for and they will receive access to the course automatically. If you would like to purchase for them to register at a later date please email and we can get you information about our gift box set that includes a physical gift as well as setup information for them to register for the course.

Any other questions? Feel free to send us an email at